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Dec 29, 2012 3:00am EST
govern the italians is not difficult. it is impossible so in a situation like that, would have been impossible to control anything anything. so i left. >> so you left. >> and then i became a free bird. >> and how did that feel? >> fantastic. that was fantastic. i had been music director all my life, since 1968. london fill harmonia, philadelphia orchestra after-- lascala, 19 years and so after so many years of hard work, not only artistically, musically but about all the other things that-- a good and honest music director has to take care of, i worked so hard that suddenly i felt i, you know, light. i have to do only music when i want, where i want, and how i want. i was-- i felt like a bird as i said before. and that was the period when the new york philharmonic asked me to become the music director. i did several concerts, many concerts with the new york philharmonic, beautiful concerts. i admire those musicians. i think that they are very good. and i have wonderful memories. so when i asked to become music director i was hesitant. i didn't know. but then i thought that it was no
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am EST
referenced. >> yes. >> rose: what was he like? >> well, i work under three governments under the time -- under the fourth republican front. the government was changing at a rapid pace but you deal with the lady of the house and of course i show the president at christmas and otherwise, you deal with the lady of the house and you have to realize that at that time the work of the cook was very, very low on the social scale. any good mother wanted her mother to marry a child, a doctor, an architect. definitely not a cook. we are genius now. >> rose: what's the difference between a cook and a chef? >> well, the cook is the one who cooks that i do at home and the chef is the chief. so at home i am the cook. if i work in the kitchen and i have five six guys working from me -- >> rose: you're the chef. >> some of new york's great food can be found outside manhattan in the glare of the bright lights. ever since this establishment by the dutch in the 17th century, brooklyn has been a place of immigrants. >> i'm one anybody in the dominican republic then i'm in yemen and the next minute i'm in
Dec 26, 2012 12:00am PST
mean like the government department that exists to do nothing, a court case that never ends, that's something that you might find. the dust heaps in our mutual friend. the city dwarfed by its own garbage. you have these larger than life surrealistic images which are powerful because they're grafted on to the real world. because they grow out of the real world they gain power. they don't become just whimsical. >> charlie: are you agreeing with that, simon? >> oh, god, life. there's something hall use nation about dickens' prose. sometimes you ask yourself what's this guy on? there's a wonderful passage in the christmas carol where he says of majerle's former house. it was up a yard which it had so little business to be in that you couldn't help fancying that it might have run there as a young house playing hide and seek with other houses. once a writer has written that he's tampering with your brain in a most thrilling way. >> charlie: tell me about his home life and his wife and his wife's sister. >> he was married for 23 years to catherine whose father ran the newspaper the morning
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)